Weekly Dev Update – March 19th, 2016


Hi everybody!

This week I’ve had the pleasure of going through a bunch of fun paperwork, I guess it was my turn. I did also finish the punch card, which sounds like something that shouldn’t be too much work. But, if you think that you dont know what type of punch card we’d make for ABC.

Since we have an affinity for the procedural, of course our punch card is indeed procedural. Not only is the text added in dynamically through GUI elements but the actual holes are punched through the paper using a procedural texture. This of course not only allows us to make every punch card unique but since the punched holes actually are bits we can represent data from the mission reports in the punched holes.

Here you can see the back and front of the punch card. Don’t worry about trying to figure out what the data means, it’s just set to some random values.


This week I added an error checking section of the spreadsheet for the trait distribution to make sure I did the maths right which ensure all traits are perfectly balanced (on a number of different balance lines). There’s a very minor fluctuation where some 3s and 6s are supposed to be 4s and 5s, but once I finish building out the matrix (a few more hours) it should be easy enough to find and correct.


Hey space-friends!

This week, I started the transplantation of the crew members brand-new AI brains. Integration went pretty smoothly! I’ve since started working on locomotion, which is the system that manages how an AI actually walks around (moment-to-moment change to position and rotation) given a pre-calculated path to follow.

This has exposed some issues with how I generate path networks, which has given me an excuse to go back and re-write not only the things I need to solve but be proactive about a bit of feedback from Daniel.

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