Weekly Dev Update – June 3rd, 2016


Hi Everybody!

Still going through the list of 6000 words while building the word bank. Generally refining some of the guts of the trait system. Also spent some time figuring how character personality can evolve over time using the mathematics already present in the trait system. Asked myself a lot of questions about free will, since if we want characters to behave as people it helps to have an opinion on how humans in this universe work.


Hey Guys,
This week I’ve put more time into making more sections. It feels at times like I’m a broken record stating that, but theres a lot of work that goes into making all of them and it’s not like they will make themselves. That’s pretty much it for me, talk to you again next week.

The slightly large capacitor capacitating the capacitance.


Hello fellow humans!

I will share my week, like humans do! This week was dominated by mission planning work. Since it’s an all-new program, it required a bit of iteration before we got it right.

There are a fair number of decisions to make when planning a mission (assigned mission controller, which transport to use, the destination planet, the team, their mission gear) and we wanted the player to be able to decide each element in whatever order they saw fit. I’ll include a screenshot of the program once it’s done.

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