Weekly Dev Update – July 8th, 2016


Hey everybody!

I spent the better part of the week wrapping up the mission planning program. This allows us to plan the different components of a mission as well as navigate active and complete missions. Not only do we get the basic details of the mission (planet, start time, mission leader, mission controller, etc.) but we also have a full list of mission reports received from the mission leader on the ground.

With this in place, ABC is finally looking like a full game! I’ll be back on AI over the next few weeks so I look forward talking some more about that!


Hi guys!

This week I’ve worked more on the Section Lights. I finished most of the programming (theres one more feature in it to figure out) but I needed to go through and populate the existing sections to cover the already implemented features in order to figure out how to best make the last one. This had me lighting every section several times, which for just one section isn’t too much work but when you start multiplying it by 40 or so you end up spending days getting through them all. With that done it really does feel pretty sweet to for example turn on the emergency lighting, not just as in “cool it works” but it drastically changes the mood of the station.

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