Weekly Dev Update – July 31st, 2015


Hey everyone!

I finally managed to get connectors added and done. I also started looking at AI again to get us sorted for Early Access. While the first iteration did a valiant job with most situations, some special cases (like reserving seats for later for social/dining areas) could not be handled elegantly. Once I’m done extending the system, I’ll probably post a special update explaining the process.

Once I’m done with that, I’ll be focusing on character conversations on-station. Dave completed a system a while ago to generate text for these conversations, as well as changes in their relationship. So, I’m looking forward to showing that one off in-game too.

See you next week!


Hello everybody.

This week I’ve spent mostly working on the heads. Still working on the behind the scenes stuff so theres not much to show to you guys right now that would make any sense without a rather lengthy explanation.


Hey guys,

Last week I reorganized the planet location types in preparation for creating the narrative parameters which are referenced during procedural story generation. This upcoming week I will be mapping out the procgen sub-locations, which I’m calling “rooms” as they represent an indivisible space whereby every character in the room is engaged in whatever activity or story is taking place there. An abstraction at some level is needed to make implementation programmatically possible (and have a game rather than a simulation) and this is what I landed on.

After that, I will create a procedural generation of what are called “plotpoints” in the narrative system, which take place inside the “rooms,” using the aforementioned data hooks — so I better make sure I design the right parameters! Then it’s on to bookkeeping, wrapper code, activities, AI, and a bunch of misc items.

This a big system where many things are tied together, and my experience is that the order in which tasks need to be done is subject to frequent adjustment. I’ll let you know next week how things are progressing!


Greetings Star Rangers!

After returning from a glorious away mission where I visited strange new worlds, conquered vast new swathes of territory to fuel the fires of our Astrobase’s forges, and…

What’s that? Oh, sorry, I’m getting carried away.

I’ve spent the last week working on the emote icons that will help players understand what is going on in their crewmembers’ heads right before they get shoved out of the nearest airlock.

Whereas I’ve designed very simple black and white icons for the datapad interface, I want to highlight the characters’ vibrance by using more complex and colourful icons for the emotes.

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