Weekly Dev Update – July 22nd, 2016

Hi Everybody!

This week is a little bit different. We’ve been hard at work getting features and content into the game for quite some time now. Last week, we reached an important internal milestone, which felt great! After delivering a bunch of new features and solving a ton of bugs, we were way overdue for some feedback.

With the prospect of releasing it to be tested by people who aren’t us looming over our shoulder; we decided that we’d best do some more focused playtesting on our own before we have others spend their time testing it.

Making this week Internal Playtest Week.

So far it’s going very well. We’re running into a lot of bugs, issues, and annoyances. Things which we will turn into tasks for bug-fixes, changes, and new features to get through. Some before we have our first external testers get their hands on them, some for later depending on how important they are and how they fit into our overall schedule.

This is great as the more things we can figure out need fixing on our own the less rough and unintended edges the early testers will get snagged on.

The Astrobase Command Team

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