Weekly Dev Update – January 30th, 2015


Hi Everybody!
This week I’ve spent making small objects to populate the world with. You’d probably be surprised by how adding a bunch of every day objects helps tie a room together, you know, unless you’re an interior decorator by trade or just an enthusiastic hobbyist.

A prime example of how the lack of everyday items makes an area feel too empty, even when full of furniture.

Of course, in games this means all these objects need to be modeled, uv-mapped and everything. For a game aiming at regular contemporary realistic design choices this means they can load up an asset store and buy a bunch of stuff to fill their rooms.

For us however that won’t quite work as it would be a bit boring if these guys living on a space station for many years had the same earth-style objects every other game has. So I’ve been making our own!

While each item is relatively quick to make they all add up into a quite substantial amount of work to produce.


Last week I worked on the business-development side of the company. I’ll spare everyone the details, but it’s part of setting up a successful indie studio. Don’t worry, this week it’s back to game dev!


This week, I completed the tech conversion of our UI system, which was an absolute treat. The new solution is cleaner, simpler, performs better and is just an all-around improvement.

I spent the rest of the week working on a conversion of our existing datapad programs (module builders, sensors, mission planning, etc.) to the new tech. I used the opportunity to improve upon the previous version in terms of visual communication, layout and usability. I’m really happy with the new direction.

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