Weekly Dev Update – January 16th, 2015


Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!)
This week I’ve spent making the assets to go with the system I discussed in the last weeks dev update. This involves making different hair styles, enabling some customization of colors, making different body types (pictured below) and many more things. Meaning I got to have fun sculpting, retopologizing and uv-mapping.

As that’s quite a bit of character work in a row I also worked a bit on the graphics for the environment before I head back in and make procedural textures for the eyes, hands and faces in order to finish off all the work for this pass on the characters.



This week I wore my tools programmer hat. For those not in the industry, whenever a designer needs to add content to the game he uses a tool. Some games that invest a lot of time in this might release their tools for modders to also use.

In AAA development, you typically have a dedicated tools coder team, but on Astrobase Command this job fell to me. The tool I’m writing is for getting the parts that comprise procedural narrative into the game. Not sexy, but definitely necessary.


This week, I did more super sexy UI work. I finished up the first pass on the character sheets, where all the stats, skills, traits and the like are shown. I also added the gear page to that.

I also got started on the promotion UI, which presented some interesting challenges. It’s tricky to find the right balance between presenting a comprehensive crew roster with their ranks while also trying to make the operation of promoting a crew member from one rank to another.

Looks like I’ll be tackling inventory management next! That’ll be the last missing piece to allow us to equip gear to crew members.

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