Weekly Dev Update – February 21st, 2015


Hi Everybody!

Since last week I was surprised by Adam with the functionality to combine skinned meshes, which allows me to build characters from pieces instead in-game instead of having to have one mesh per permutation or some other dirty dirty solution to modularity in character visuals; I began this week by weighting the skinning (when preparing a mesh to be animated you bind its vertices to its bones, the default initial skinning is pretty good nowadays but in some areas it is lacking) for all the character meshes we have in game so far. This means that characters now don’t deform in an overly broken manner.

Aside from that I also spent time making sure the projectile weapon assets will export right and I coded a bit so that they now actually build themselves properly in-game. Which helps when wanting characters not to look broken.


This week I continued tackling the landing phase of missions. As expected, it uncovered several over-arching systems required for missions in general in addition to the systems used specifically in landing itself. For example, we need text generation for mission leaders to command their crew to do perform a given task (in this case landing, but we’ll need it for all tasks).

So for most of this week I’ve been doing the design work to get command sentences — and how this relates to task performance by the taskee, using the trait system — added to procedural text generation.


This week I decided to change it up and get the combined skinned meshes working for Daniel. His mocap work was so cool that I wanted him to be able to use his great characters instead of some pretty ugly placeholders.

Then I jumped back into datapad work, tackling the beast that is the module builder program. If I can finish the GUI conversion this weekend, that’ll be it for the desk for a little while!

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