Weekly Dev Update – February 13th, 2015


Greetings! This week I’ve spent with shoestring budget mo-cap. In other words, from now on I will be able to ambulate just like you humans and my infiltration attempt will be successful.

Also, it means that we now have a bucket load of emotive animations to help out with visually indicating how, for example, a conversation between two crew-members is going.


This week I’ve been working on designs for the (hopefully, final) version of the mission system. The difficulty is I need to tie in traits, skills, stats and planet hazards to give characters some sort of non-linear problem solving that balances risk v reward, and can also be ouput to text descriptions.

What a character does has to make sense given the challenges they face, and who they are. And it should be generic (I don’t want to rewrite the thing when I move on from planet landing to planet exploration, for example). Also, I prototyped the module builder and equipment manager datapad programs with Adam but this was a lot easier.


In the continuing saga of Datapad programs, I completed global inventory management and am working on both the new module builder and the equipment manager. The last two are ones I’m particularly looking forward to playing with. Our first versions were un-intuitive and a little clunky so it took away from the fun of assembling a module from parts. These will be oh-so-satisfying.

Since Daniel was working on some great homebrew motion capture this week, I also snuck in the code to assemble the new character parts together and animate them correctly. This will make for a great visual upgrade over the last set of characters once they’re integrated.

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