Weekly Dev Update – December 12th, 2014


This week has been chock full of tying up loose ends in desk-related features (rolodex, datapad, paper reports, etc.) to get all that to a usable state. I won’t list individual tweaks but I’ll say again that I’m really happy how all that is coming together!

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Hello, Biological Units. This week has been another where I focus on the different sections. Some additional work was done on finishing up the Holding Cell and Decontamination section. After that I worked a while on the Main Computer and the Life Support sections, each with their own complications.

The former needs to both be a potential work place and act as a transit hub in smaller stations. The latter is a collection of very complex hardware (irl) which, on the ISS for example, tends to be something packed into a metal box, hiding away all the techy goodness. Both of these of course, as most everything, requires me figuring out the visual balance between what looks useable, what looks good and what isnt insanely high-poly.



This week, here’s what I did:

  1. Finished the game code and database tables for the V3 story system. (system is done, working, etc)
  2. Wrote a tool that auto-converts my human-readable story design into the database format.
  3. I also did a number of smaller (unplanned) upgrades to the system as I thought of them. The goal is maximum flexibility when creating the plot points which stories navigate. We take the words “anything can happen” seriously.
  4. Got about 2/3 of the way through a design-review of my test-case, which is the narrative options that are triggered when a crew member on an away mission is tasked with exploring a forested location.

By monday, I should have it all ready for an internal demo. Keep in mind this is part of the basic underpinnings which will constitute our AI Storyteller (since it needs to manage all ongoing “stories” and keep track of how they all connect), so I really want to get it right before rolling it out, and hooking it all up. (It’s currently running in a stand-alone mode).

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