Weekly Dev Update – August 7th, 2015


Hey there fellow Spacers!

This past week, I changed gears and took another look at crewmember AI. I’m writing what’s known as a Behaviour Tree implementation to allow us a little more flexibility in how we define AI decision making.

Things like syncing up dinner schedules with other crew members and core meltdowns created problems that couldn’t be elegantly handled by the current system. Besides, the beauty of Behaviour Trees is that they don’t lock you into a particular way of doing things. Rather, they provide a control mechanism for pretty much any approach to decision making system you’d want to use.
This is extremely useful when trying to write something flexible for this game and reusable for the future! I’ll make a more elaborate post on this system once I’m done with it and have it in-game.

See you next week!


Hi Everybody!
This week I’ve been sculpting blendshapes for the heads. I ended up going with a setup that requires what could end up at over 300 blendshapes to do everything it needs to. Thats a lot of work. As you might imagine that means I’ve been very busy to do this in a timely fashion.


This week I designed the sub-location suffixes, mapped them to the locations, and then designed the sub-location suffixes and how they relate to the traits.

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