Weekly Dev Update – August 21st, 2015


Hi Everybody!

This week I’ve mainly spent working on the faces more. Specifically their procedural textures. Additionally I’ve had a first stab at our LODs. Level Of Detail meshes automatically switches a mesh for a lower resolution version of it when the camera is far away. Sadly the computer can’t generate them and set everything up right all on it’s own so a human has to do a lot of file management and setup to ensure things turn out as they should. The human ending up doing this in our case is of course me.



This week I worked on organizing procedural plotpoint data. There are a lot of flags/tags/criteria, etc in data that the system relies on to know what a thing is. These need to be designed up front before system implementation. So basically I’m designing some of the plotpoint procgen and then formalizing in the design what data tracking/connections I need to make it work (aka imagining the db structure).

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