Weekly Dev Update – August 14th, 2015


Hey there space cadets!

This week was more AI goodness as I moved forward with the behavior tree implementation. The core code is mostly done and I’ve been spending some time putting together a simple visual editor that will allow us to easily hook up AI logic.

I’m thinking long-term here, because this is the kind of tool I’d use again and again for AI in future titles. See you next week!


Hi everybody!
So, this week I’ve actually reached a point in the making of procedural faces that makes sense to show. They are not textured yet so they are here just flat gray. Blendshapes are pretty nice performance wise, in fact i just let it run for a second (recording at 60 fps) and slowed it down to one face per second in the gif. The result is a minute of random faces.

One second of face generation.



This week I worked on design of the procedural plot-point generation in the narrative system. We’re getting close to having this system finished!

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