Weekly Dev Update – April 16th, 2016


Hi Everybody!

This week I’ve mainly been doing two things. Firstly hunting bugs and fixing the ones I am able to. Secondly, I got some time to get back to creating sections for the game.


Here you can see the Science Station, where the crew can commit science to their heart's content
Here you can see the Science Station, where the crew can commit science to their heart’s content


Hey guys,

This week I started on my second pass on organizing and designing “story rooms” the atomic units where the narrative takes place, in preparation for further story development. The goal is finding the right way to trigger events within in the story (using the procedural generation) which is necessary at a fundamental level for both character injury and rewards, and all story plot development.


Hey space-friends!

This week, I spent some more time knocking out bugs that cropped up. Now that the game is much more playable, team-members have had a chance to run it for longer periods. As such, my bug list has been getting longer.

Also, after having made major changes on how module parts are loaded and what data the new AI system uses for pathing, it created a bunch of work to get module rotation on placement and correct validation of valid placement locations working again.

Finally, our move to a deferred rendering pipeline broke some of our graphical effects. I finally had a chance to get familiar with the related tech and wrote a solution to smooth out those issues.

See you next week!

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