Unlocking This Week’s Astrobase Command Dev Update

Daniel – @Polygonatron

Hello Humans!

This week I’ve continued my work on generating the visuals for the local star system. It’s looking to be pretty sweet once it’s finished.

Adam – @adam_blahuta

Hey Space friends!

This week, I focused on completing character trait unlock/relock/mutations. As a result, I was able to work on updated character conversation code as well! Now that we’ve got these complex systems in play, I’m building a good test environment to allow me to see them operate over large time spans.

Dave – @Dave_Astrobase

Hey guys,

This week I worked on the skill-to-section-to-resource-to-points balance. Plan is to stay ahead of Adam’s coding velocity!

Max – @Max_Shields

Greetings from the Administrotron Dimension,

This section of time-space has been devoted to employment of the devastating administrinatorerator. Only 1,200 papercuts were sustained in the process.

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