Uniforms And Backer Rewards – Astrobase Command Dev Update – February 28th 2019

Hi Everybody!

Another month, another weekly blog post.

Since the last post we have put out two builds to our alpha players (patch notes towards the end) and more importantly:

We have had a focus on the features that allow us to fulfill the Kickstarter Backer rewards!
This means we’re also starting to reach out to backers for some of the rewards, including: clickable book entry, helping to design a species, and helping to design a uniform, and more.
All backers that pledged at the Sunshine tier or greater (Alpha customers), you have PMs waiting for you in your Kickstarter account inbox relating to some or all of these rewards. Please read and respond when you have a chance!

To keep in mind, as we go through continued development up to release we aim to add additional uniform options, this means that the later you submit custom uniforms the more options you’ll have to choose from.

Daniel (@Polygonatron)

Hi Guys!

As you might expect, I’ve been working on the various backer rewards.
This means I’ve continued work on the uniform customization, started work on Desk Toys and pets, helped out with the hoverable book, and various UI changes that needed to be made (specifically in the Main Menu and Species Creation).

Additionally I’ve been spending a bit more time than originally intended playtesting the builds. This has lead Cam to be able to knock out a couple of nasty bugs, and hopefully it translates to you guys having a better experience playing the game.


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been working with Daniel to get all the backer rewards in as well as getting rid of a few nasty and some minor bugs. The biggest change is probably adding custom uniforms. So check that out next time you start a new game.

Dave (@dave_astrobase)

Hey guys!

In addition to the kickstarter rewards, I’ve been hard at work on RPG story content. This is the “outer layer” of the ABC feature onion, because it means characters are having adventures based on their personalities and using their skills to do stuff which matters in the game world, and tying everything together. So I’ve been putting on my writing cap on and starting the tomoto timer.

Astrobase Command 0.3.5 Closed Alpha Patch Notes

-Uniform sets and uniform customization is now in. Feel free to customize your crews uniforms to your desires.

Astrobase Command 0.3.6 Closed Alpha Patch Notes

– More alerts added to the game.
– Fixed a bug with loading games.
– Replaced the popup at the start of Species Visuals Customization in the Species Creation flow with a handy ‘?’ in the top right corner to give contextual information related to the currently active tab.
– Added verification step in cases where custom uniforms have been set up (or left) in a manner that might be confusing when playing the game.
– More patterns for the Overalls in the Uniform Customization have been added.


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