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Astrobase Command Weekly Gamedev Update: Improving the Wow Factor – March 9, 2018

Daniel - @Polygonatron Hi everybody! This week I've been working on various smaller tasks. Improving the visuals a bit here and a bit there. Some of the things I did this week are already in the latest build, for example the new color scheme (and minor layout changes) of the...

Gamedev: The Returning || Astrobase Command Weekly Update –– January 19th, 2018

Hi everybody! We've been hard at work since the new year. We've been busy with lots of the general housekeeping that's needed to keep a business on track, making Astrobase, of course, and we've also been whipping up a new look for our website. We intend to have it go...

What Goes Into Creating Your Own Species? Astrobase Command Dev Update – 20 Oct 2017

Hi everyone! We've been busy aligning reaction chambers and twisting radiator vanes all week. Since many of you found Dave's longplay video useful, we've made an overview of the species generation process to help you to better tweak your crew's baseline characteristics, and make it more representative of the type of...

2 Hours of Gameplay With Dave

Watch Dave, our Designer, as he plays Astrobase Command and shares his thoughts on how he plays the game.      

Programming, Businessing, and Administering: Astrobase Command Dev Update – 13 Oct 2017

Dave - @Dave_Astrobase Hey guys! This week was almost entirely consumed by the marketing and business development side of things, now that Astrobase Command exists to be marketed and has business to be developed (yay)! One practical effect of being a small indie studio. Fortunately, Adam is well-fed on designs...

Turkey Day Update!

We've been quiet for the past two weeks, but still very busy. We've had a momentous event as well, with a second tiny addition to the team in a few months. It's Canadian Thanksgiving, so happy Canuck Turkey Day, eh? Given Adam's critical use of time taking care of his family, we haven't...
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