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Continuing Backer Rewards – Astrobase Command Dev Update – March 10th 2019

Hi Everyone! Another month and an actual weekly blog post. Since the last post we have continued working on the features related to backer rewards. There's no new build this week as we haven't reached a point where it would make sense to put time into building, testing, and deploying...

Unlocking This Week’s Astrobase Command Dev Update

Daniel - @Polygonatron Hello Humans! This week I've continued my work on generating the visuals for the local star system. It's looking to be pretty sweet once it's finished. Adam - @adam_blahuta Hey Space friends! This week, I focused on completing character trait unlock/relock/mutations. As a result, I was able...

Astrobase Command Progress Report – Weekly Dev Update – November 27th, 2015

You, fine members of the Astrobase Command community, have asked for a bit of big picture visibility on our progress since we’ve started and a better sense of where we are heading. It's hard to believe that it's already been almost 2 years since we launched the Kickstarter for Astrobase...

Jellyfish School of Design: Managing the Beast

By now, you know that we really like to talk about game design around here. However, making games isn’t just about slinging code, and pushing pixels. What's in a game? Making them involves getting many tasks to come together at the right time to ensure that a working product eventually...

Powerful Art

This convo is making my nose bleed. Can we talk about space stations, please? And 'splosions maybe? - Adam Time for another short dev update! High Energy Art (more…)

Jellyfish Spreading Round The World

Global Reach It's been quiet for a while because the team was spread across the globe, working our magic on intrastellar goodwill away missions. Although this has slowed our work somewhat, our wayward tribbles are quickly being herded back home where they will be put to good work or tossed...
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