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Activate Homing Beacons: Calling All Spacers

A quick update on our work this week: Daniel and Max have been been tackling the prep for the Kickstarter, working on the trailer, and the project introduction video, among other things. Dave has been tackling more procedural design matters than you can shake a stick at, while Adam has...

Astrobase Command Coming to Kickstarter on April 25th

Astrobase Command heads to Kickstarter on April 25th, 2017 Hi everyone! Last week, we floated a question to you about the possibility of bringing Astrobase Command once again to a crowdfunding platform. Across the forums, Twitter, Facebook, and even our old Kickstarter page (yes, it's still active three years on!),...

State of the Studio: 2017 Edition

If you followed our blog circa 2013, you'll remember we used it for many other things besides weekly development updates. We tackled issues about our industry, game design, and running a small game studio. We scaled back on these after a while because they detracted from our progress on Astrobase...

There’s Something Rotten in Gamemark

Putting The Fun Back Into Crowdfunding This week, we won't be providing you much of an update about how work is coming along on Astrobase Command (it is, we swear!) Rather, we want to take the opportunity to open a discussion with all of you on the state of crowdfunding...
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