T-Minus 4 Days

Hey Crew!

The Astrobase Command dev team is hard at work on preparing the Kickstarter materials. Trailers, supplementary videos, assets, and text are all being sharpened. The Kickstarter page will go live on April 25th which should already be branded everywhere we have presence.

The journey over the last three years has been some exciting times. We failed the first Kickstarter (which ended up being a blessing!), incorporated the studio anyway as an indie startup, worked contracts part-time to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads, while focusing on the creation of Astrobase Command as much as possible.

We’re now at another crossroads!

The game is “pretty much feature complete,” but the technical difference between “pretty much feature complete” and “ready to release a paid access version” is measured in months of full-time and concentrated effort. Money is necessary for games and people to live, and Kickstarter is our path to that goal. We couldn’t have come this far without the emotional and written support of some die-hard fans (YOU, who are reading this!), and we are extraordinarily grateful for those who have walked these last three years with us. You, me, Astrobase Command — we share this story together.

This update was intended to be a call-to-action, but there is the certain knowledge that you, the individuals in our fantastic community, are already on the bridge beside us as we engage.

Signing off with a great THANK YOU!


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