Procedural Story Generation Design – Astrobase Command Dev Update – 19 Feb 2018

Hey guys! The design is currently at a phase where a top-down approach is being used to determine the details of story generation (whereas the station simulation had been a bit more bottom-up). This means coming up with fictional scenarios as targets for what we want the story engine to support, which essentially boils down to episode plot-lines. So for example: Alice notices a personal item is missing, asks around, and Bob mentions he saw Charlie using a similar item. Alice confronts Charlie and Charlie claims he found the item in the a hallway and picked up. Lt. Dan steps...
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Astrobase Command Development Update – 09 Feb 2018

This week we interrupt your regularly scheduled devblog with a longer piece from Daniel. Hi Everybody! I've mentioned a few times in the recent past blog posts that I've been working on a couple of secret features. Today the least gameplay-related (but still very important) of them is here. Our New Website has finally launched!!! Check it out! As you might notice it looks quite a bit different from the old one and the difference is more than skin deep. The old site was a poorly customized version of the original website for the game. Which in turn was...
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Astrobase Command Development Update – 26 Jan 2018

As we get closer to the next phase of Astrobase's development, we'd like to remind you to take the time to wishlist Astrobase Command on Steam. It will help us out a great deal later on. Daniel - @Polygonatron Hi Everybody! This week has been very similar to last week for me. I've been working on the updated website and on the secret graphics feature. Things are coming along nicely, if I do say so myself.   Dave - @Dave_Astrobase Hey guys, This week turned into another business development week, planning for the road ahead in 2018, and putting the great...
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Gamedev: The Returning || Astrobase Command Weekly Update –– January 19th, 2018

Hi everybody! We've been hard at work since the new year. We've been busy with lots of the general housekeeping that's needed to keep a business on track, making Astrobase, of course, and we've also been whipping up a new look for our website. We intend to have it go live shortly. Astrobase has also received some tender loving care since our last update. We think you'll like what's in store in our upcoming builds. Adam - @adam_blahuta Hi everybody! We've been hard at work since the new year. Lots of the general housekeeping that's needed to keep a business...
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Branching Out In Novel Ways: Astrobase Command Dev Update – 15 Dec 2017

=== Incoming transmission === Hi everyone, Astrobase Command's special focus on procedurally generated character stories provides a wonderful canvas for  powerful storytelling. Most importantly, our vision is that there is no single story for your crew to follow. Instead, you are free to live your own adventure in your own universe. As a way to celebrate 2018 and our upcoming transition to open alpha, I've taken up the pen (keyboard) in my spare time to capture Astrobase's flavour in novel(-ish) format as a means to highlight the rich stories our game can deliver, as well as a way to explore possible concepts for other...
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Noisy Brain Transplants Coming Soon To An AI Near You: Astrobase Command Weekly Update – 9 Dec 2017

Dave - @Dave_Astrobase Hey guys! This week I was mainly working on the save game GUI, so Adam has a front end to hook into!   Daniel - @Polygonatron Hi Everybody! This week I've kept working on that shiny graphics thing I started on last week. It's still a bit of a secret, with the goal to give you guys a nice surprise when we reveal it.   Adam - @adam_blahuta Hey Space-Friends! I've made some great progress on save files this week, allowing me to save pretty much everything about characters that isn't their brains. The transhumanist geek in...
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Gunning for Game of The Year: Astrobase Command Gamedev Update: 1 Dec 2017

It's that time of the year! IndieDB's Indie Game of The Year is back up for grabs. We made a good showing of it last year, and hope you'll take a moment to show your support by voting for Astrobase Command. Adam - @adam_blahuta Hey Space-Friends! This week, after taking care of some remaining business obligations, I hunkered down to make some progress on save files. I'm really looking forward to delivering this one because, in my opinion, it stands to do a lot for people's buy-in with building up a station they can be proud of. Daniel - @Polygonatron...
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Taking Care of Business: Astrobase Command Dev Update – November 10th, 2017

Hey everybody! Being mindful of the game's performance at release, we're gathering hardware information from the community. We'd love it if you could take a moment to fill out Daniel's Graphics Card Survey! Thanks for the help! Daniel - @Polygonatron Hi everybody! This week I've been busy with everyones favorite: Paperwork! YAY! Dave - @Dave_Astrobase Hey everybody! This week I've been focused on the business end of things, which isn't fun but super necessary when you're your own studio! Adam - @adam_blahuta Hey Space-Friends! As you can see from Dave and Daniel's updates, we've been swamped dealing with outstanding business...
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Astrobase Weekly Dev Update: Mad (Space)Men and Ninja Bug Fixes

Daniel - @Polygonatron Hi Everyone! This week I worked on little project that I'll hopefully be able to talk about soon. Nothing to see here, uhm, bye!   Dave - @Dave_Astrobase Hi everyone! Since Adam continues to be well fed on design, this week I spent capturing footage and working with Max on a new marketing campaign!   Max - @Max_Shields Hey all, I finally wrapped up a 1st pass on that design notice I've been working on for a while. I also spent a bunch of time with Dave doing the Mad Men thang.   Adam - @adam_blahuta Hey...
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