Looking at the Schedule – 1st Oct 2018

Hey Guys!

In our Kickstarter campaign we had somehow set *both* the date for the Beta release and full release for November 2018, which makes no sense (someone failed an editing check!).

Since that date is coming up relatively soon we’re going to take this opportunity to clear things up and talk about the roadmap in general.

Where are we at?

A little more than a year ago today we released the Alpha version, this contained the core base building and simulation systems as well as characters living their lives in the base. Since then we’ve been hard at work making our way towards the full game experience.

We’re now getting super close to having the in previous blog posts mentioned Missions and Events (and some other new shiny things) available for our early testers. Once that is done and we are happy with the playability of the game we aim to bring out the results as our Beta version.

This will essentially be a fully functional version of the game where all the main features are available but without a full array of content connected to them. If you are an experienced beta tester, you will know that bugs and balance issues are to be expected.

With that in mind, the Beta period is intended for our Beta players (especially Kickstarter Beta Backers!) to try out the game and give us feedback, all while we continue to polish, bugfix, and add the remaining content to the game.

What does this actually mean as far as dates go?

For the moment we’re still in Alpha but as soon as we’re happy that Astrobase Command is stable and enjoyable enough for Beta we plan to release the Beta version.

Getting things just right can be quite tricky and we’re still not in a state where we can accurately commit to an exact date without risking releasing something that’s not good enough.

Right now we aim to relase the Beta in Q4 2018 and the full release in 2019.

Got questions?

Come chat with us at https://discord.gg/jellyfishgames

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