Kickstarting like it’s 1979!

We looked at various funding options available to us, and I am pleased to announce we’ll be kickstarting in about two weeks — November 12. So mark it on your calendar. It will run for the standard month, and the funding goal is basically the min-spec for Astrobase Command and what we strictly need to have the core game.

Here is where we’re at:

I want to thank all of you who have contributed up until now on the forums with design discussions and other feedback, as it’s very important for us as developers to gut-check what we’re thinking and also to incorporate what you guys are thinking about! Plus we are extremely excited and happy about the positive reaction we’ve gotten so far, and it really inspires us to deliver a game that lives up to our expectation and yours. Kickstarter was a natural choice because apparently we’re not the only ones who want to play Astrobase Command!

Because we passionately believe in community-as-partners, something we’ll be doing is setting up a poll so you guys can vote on what features you care about for purposes of stretch goals.

A lot of kickstarters seem to use really fuzzy math here. Where as a developer I’m like “how is it possible you can do THAT for THAT little?” or “wait, where is all that money going?” This annoys me as a gamer that wants to be excited and hopeful about up-coming games on kickstarter. So we plan to do a pretty detailed breakdown of items just to be as transparent as possible, because we want you guys to be excited and hopeful about our kickstarter. 🙂

The other thing we want to get the community opinion on is rewards, so we’ll put polls out to that end too.

I just want to be clear again that we’re making Astrobase Command for people who want to play it, which certainly includes us (this is our motivation for doing it in the first place) but also includes all of you! So come help us do this thing.

P.S. Sign up for the mailing list! We’re going to be relying heavily on feedback, and the mailing list is the best way for us to push you info larger than 140 characters. Also in the coming weeks, we’ll be using the mailing list to send out the details of our progress, how we spend our time and money, as well as other exclusive things that are a bit too “how sausage is made” for a public forum.

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