Kickstarter Update for the Community

We’re as excited about getting this show on the road as you are, but we needed to delay the launch another week or so. In the interest of being completely transparent about what’s going on, here’s the deal:

Is it here yet?

Short answer: no
Long answer: As soon as the video and page are finished

Longer Answer

A couple of factors:

  • We’re synching up with media coverage. The game resonates with everyone we talk to, and we have gameplay footage (exciting!). The success of this kickstarter will depend on our ability to make a compelling pitch (page/video) and then it’s about getting the word out. So we’ve had to devote time to pursuing traditional-ish marketing. Some dates were outside our control.
  • Kickstarter has an approval process, and we needed the weekend to work. So even if we submitted on Thursday (which is possible) it would be live on Monday
  • I experienced some Windows issues on my primary machine, which set us back more than a few days. This has been solved, but I needed to do a clean install. Twice. :/
  • A few things left to wrap up

Is the wait worth it?

Yep! We only get one shot to do this. We’ve been building up to this moment for 6 months! We can wait for a few more days of polish.

Where are we at?


  • Doing the final cut for the intro to the video. The intro has some concept pieces set to music (and animated in Unity), to set the overall mood/tone — I think this is important because Astrobase Command’s tone sets it apart. But conventional wisdom says you lead with gameplay. So we’ll have to see how this looks when we’re done.
  • Coordinating with some friends that are doing the music / mastering the audio for the “talking heads” portion of the video.
  • Dropping in the gameplay footage on top of parts of the talking heads section
  • Determining the best compression for the video so it actually looks good and loads fast (the master is over 1GB)
  • Doing the rewards infographic

Makes me wish I joined the AV club in school! But part of being indie isn’t just doing everything, it’s doing everything to some minimum level of quality. Which, fortunately we’re going to hit… but unfortunately, will take a few more days 🙂

We’ll be making a lot of noise when it goes live, so join the mailing list

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