Jellyfish Games’ Spacebunny Dispatch – 30 March 2018

Hello everybody!

We want to take a moment to wish all of you a Happy Spacebunny Day! It only happens once a year, so enjoy.

Before parting ways this week, we’d like to remind you of our Patreon. You can add continued support to our efforts to make Astrobase Command, and bring a new paradigm to the funding of video games.

Patrons supporting us for $5/month or more also receive an exclusive monthly work-in-progress chapter of the Astrobase Command novel. Originally intended as an exploration of Astrobase’s storytelling possibilities, the novel has expended into a serious endeavour.

Here’s a sample of this month’s chapter, Alone.

The freshly-minted Chief Einar Vong stood tall and proud before Sanmar. His silver hair and dark blue skin were matted down with grime and his white eyes were creased with fatigue, lending him the look of a much older man. A barely visible tattoo peeked just over his collar on the right side of his neck. Three days ago, Sanmar would have berated the young fellow for being undisciplined had he noticed the marking.

What a wonder two days of hardship and scratching away for minute-to-minute survival did for one’s priorities.

“Biochemical reactors A and C have been brought up to full capacity, sir.” His voice weary, and the way he continuously shifted his body ever so slightly suggested he was far from comfortable in his new green engineering department overalls.

“But? There’s always a but, Chief Vong. Let’s have it.” Prodded Sanmar.

Einar took a deep breath. “But we had to cannibalize reactor B to get them up. And, we don’t have any more replacement parts. Those were lost when the storage module vented all of its pods. Bottom line: We have about six months before we’ll need to take one of the other reactors apart to keep the last one running.”

“That’s good news. That gives us six months to get parts. You’re doing good, Chief.”

With that, we hope you’ll have a fantastic Easter. May the Giant Space Bunny be generous, and its offerings sweet!

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