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Hi Everybody!

As you know we’ve been a bit quiet for a while as we’ve toiled away on getting some major features into the game.
But now we’re reaching a point where we’re soon(tm) going to be getting back to more regularly putting out builds and putting out more blog posts (with this being the first step to the latter).


In fact, we’ve already put out two builds across the last three weeks to our Immediate Access backers. In these builds everything is largely there but there is a little bit of work before we’re happy putting it in front of our Alpha backers. In a sense I guess that these builds are Alpha Candidates.

As you might imagine, since there has been a lot of time between when we last put out an Alpha build and now for us to be able to put in some major systems, we’ve also had a lot of time to look over the look and feel of the game. So be prepared that, although a lot of things remain as you know them, some things can look pretty different from what you may have gotten used to.

If everything goes to plan we’ll have a Alpha Candidate that is able to make the leap to become an Alpha Release very soon. After which we will aim at putting out new builds much more regularly, just like we did in the past.


For the blog we want to get back to a weekly schedule in order to give better insight into the going ons of the project.
In the next blog post we’ll be going through an overview of what has actually been added/changed since the last Alpha we put out, and in the posts following that we’ll get back to talking about what work we’ve been doing during the week.

Got questions?

Come chat with us at

P.S. I had meant to write and put out this blog post before the weekend but I got a bit distracted with fixing a newly discovered bug for the build we were making at the same time.

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