Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

If you have questions that aren’t covered by these please join us on Discord and ask us directly!

When will I be able to get a copy of the game?

If you have previously backed the game on an Alpha tier or greater we have already emailed you your download key through Itch.io.

I backed you in the Kickstarter on a tier below alpha, can I upgrade to Alpha?


If you were in the Stardust Edition, Early Stardust Edition, Meteor Edition, or Early Meteor Edition you should have received an email from us on this topic with further information and instructions!

I backed the game on Kickstarter/I bought the game from your website, how do I get access to the Alpha channel and a green name in chat?

First off, thanks for backing If you backed us on Kickstarter!

Now, first, join us on Discord and just send a PM to one of us Jellyfish with your Backer Number and Name and we will get that set up for you.

If you bought it of the website send a PM to one of us Jellyfish with the Name and Email you used there.

How often do you put out updates?

So far we’ve been putting out weekly updates to the game, our plan is to keep doing that but we’ll see how that shakes out now that we have many more players. If we run into a really bad bug we will of course do our best to get a fix out ASAP.

Additionally we put out weekly blog updates on the progress and state of the game development.

I have alpha access, can I use take screenshots or record footage from it?


We’re currently in a Closed Alpha state and want to make sure things are good enough first. Unless of course you only use them to help us further the game by only sharing them in the Alpha Access channel in our Discord.

I love the game, is there any way for me to support you guys further?

Check out our Patreon for ongoing support!

I backed the game on Kickstarter in a tier with multiple copies, will I get all of them as Alpha?

As soon as we figure out a good solution for how to do this.
Expect more info on this soon.

Will my Alpha/Beta key give me the final game?

Alpha/Beta denotes when you first get access to it.
You’ll keep having access to the game all the way to full release and get all the updates along the way from when your key becomes valid.

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