Face, The Final Frontier

Hi everybody! As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been hard at work creating a system and assets to procedurally generate faces. The time has now come to show you guys the first pass.

Now, just a little heads up if you manage to read all this text before looking at the image below, Currently it’s just changing facial features and interpolating skin colors between a few presets. Obviously this is not a finished state. For example; transforms of features, different eye colors, different hair styles, facial hair, wrinkles, moles, scars, and so on are all planned to be added. Not to mention all the exotic things that make up aliens.


Already at this stage the amount of permutations is so high that the number itself sounds ridiculous. Anyway, here’s an animated Gif displaying 60 randomly generated (in a row) faces.

So, with that. I hope you like them, even if you don’t, please drop by the forums if you have any constructive feedback for me.

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