The Mission

Jellyfish Games is an independent Montreal-based game company made up of industry vets. We’re making the games we’ve always wanted to play. We enjoy deep, systems-driven games that reward the player for creativity and skill, as well as give them a good laugh and some epic watercooler stories to share with friends.

We also believe that the key to making Astrobase Command as good as it can be is to involve the community as much as possible. For more information about the game or to get involved in playtesting, please contact us at

The Crew

Daniel Dahl – Lead Art/Programming


Twitter: @polygonatron

Daniel started making games in high school and continued to study game art before working on the Quake 3 mod Rocket Arena 3. After working in the AAA games industry as an artist Daniel ventured forth into Indie Game Development. First on his own and later co-founding Jellyfish Games. Here he makes everything look as good as it can.


Dave Williams – Lead Design/Programming

Twitter: @dave_astrobasePortraitDave_150

Dave started making online games when he was 14 for a BBS running off a second phone line. He upgraded his 2600 modem to a 14.4, and then it got serious. Dave has been a modder, worked as an indie developer, and for AAA studios.

If making video games didn’t exist as a profession, Dave would live in a barrel and yell stuff on street corners. Instead, he lives in Nanaimo and just makes crazy video games.

Max Shields – Production/2d Art


Twitter: @max_shields

Major (Retired) Max spent 20 years as an infantry officer, doing the sort of things that people make games about. Now, he’s a thing that makes games.

Max has run everything from small, elite independent reconnaissance units deep in the wildlands to serving as Second-in-Command for a 600 person mechanized infantry battalion. Oh, and combat exoskeletons. A photographer, writer, and doodler, he brings a variety of esoteric skills to the team.

Valiant Spacers that have helped make Astrobase Command possible:

Adam Blahuta – Lead Developer
Vangelis Drosos – Artist
Ethan Redrup – Marketing Analyst
William Dollar – System Admin
Björn Sorensen – Artist
Xin Ran Liu – Artist
James Clark – Music
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