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Task Tracking Datapad: Astrobase Command Dev Update – 8 July 2017

Dave - @Dave_Astrobase Hey guys! Early this week finished documenting the alpha-final jobs design and necessary updates to that system, so its ready for implementation. Also designed is the new Task Tracker datapad app, where Space Admins can get a manager's view into the workings of the Astrobase. Just now...

Procedural Conversations and Feeding the Crew: Astrobase Command Dev Update – 30 Jun 2017

Adam - @adam_blahuta Hi everyone, After wrapping up some of the last core AI behaviors for crew last week, I was able to tackle Dave's update conversation design. It took some doing, but we now have the ability to describe a two-person conversation! Once the necessary AI to support crew...

Whizzing along: Astrobase Command Dev Update – 23 Jun 2017

Daniel - @Polygonatron Hi Everybody! This week I've been working primarily on company stuff. Not necessarily the most fun stuff to work on, but it needs to get done. And besides, at the end of the week I got the chance to make the art resources for pee and poop....

We’re post-morted, meeted, and rearing for action!

Hi everyone! After taking a week of R&R after a couple of intense Kickstarter prep and execution months, this week we hopped back onto the development shuttle. We're back to the (really cool) grindstone and still fired up by your support! This week has been dedicated to running an After...

Astrobase Command Kickstarter Closing With Target

It's been a few days, and as is wont to happen on a Kickstarter, a great deal has taken place. We currently stand at 64% of our goal reached with 8 days remaining, which is a great position to be in before sliding into the last week of the campaign....

Adam Does A Species Creation Deep Dive on Kickstarter

We just hit big, beautiful 50% before hitting the 50% mark of the campaign! Adam took us through a deep dive on the species creation system today. There's lots of great info there (including a video of the species creation process), so swing by Kickstarter and take a look.  
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