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Hey guys!

Wanted to give everyone an update what’s been going on with Astrobase Command.

We’re hard at work towards implementing a full playable version we can use for Steam Early Access. There’s a vibrant community on our forums, so if you want to participate in shaping the game head on over!

We also have a general website overhaul in the works, and we’ve been balancing this with development of the game.


We’re starting up a regular video log, where the we answer questions and generally talk about the game. In our first installment, we answer questions submitted by the Astrobase Command community.
The vlog is hosted on our new YouTube site.

We Have an Artist!

We picked up a fantastic artist, Daniel Dahl who comes from a noble race of game artists that live on the icy planet Sweden IV.

Daniel has been burning through module parts, which are needed for the first external version of the game. We’ve completed the living facilities, and we’re now making the objects used in the various medical facilities you can construct.

Medical treatment bed concept models.

As you can see, we’re really happy Daniel has joined the team!

Design Side of the Moon

We now have working functional prototypes of: armor crafting, weapon crafting, equipment crafting (mining, etc), and combat simulation that correctly uses all relevant formulas and numbers from the character and his equipped gear. Right now this serves as our balance testbed.

Also, we have procedural planet and creature generators that are pretty sophisticated — everyone has been really excited about our work in this area. And finally, procedural technology generation which feeds into armor, weapon and equipment crafting. We’re super excited about this, and when we show it off internally it blows people’s minds.

So we can’t wait to get it into the hands of the players!

After we’re happy with a functional prototype, it gets put in the queue to be migrated over to production code, and hooked up to our database and GUI.

Code Priorities

Right now, we are integrating the end-to-end module construction over from the functional prototype. This means the player can design the module from parts, has resource checking/consumption, placing the module in 3d space, assigning a build crew, and having the formulas properly check the build crew’s skills as they go and apply the right result.

Module construction and character progression are the immediate focus areas, and after that we’ll hook up away missions which necessarily includes combat and gear, and the first implementation of the AI Storyteller. But a large part of our priorities are driven by what resonates with people — specifically people in our community.

So head on over to the forums and make yourself heard!

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