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Space Herpes is the New Dysentery

In this blog post, I'm going to talk about my favorite games and how they inspire the making of Astrobase Command. There are a lot of great games that didn't make the list (see: title of this post), but these are the ones I found particularly innovative and insightful. Also,...

All About Progression

Hey everybody! Today we're going to dig into progression. We have a pretty deep progression system in Astrobase Command which you might expect from a sandbox game, so there's a lot to cover. Hold on to your space-hats and here we go! Points First thing we need to talk about...

Meta: Art Imitates Life

I want to take a step back with this post and talk about the game industry, and then relate that to Astrobase Command. So how does a game get made at an established, AAA studio? First, a decision is made to make a game at all. If a studio is...

Character and Storytelling Design

If you've taken the time to read through our Game Info section and its hilarious player scenarios, you know that the characters that make up your crew are not only what breathes life into this universe, but also serve as your main way of interacting with it. Of the many...
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