Astrobase Command Novel, Chapter 7

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today, Chapter 7 sees the light as our valiant crew struggles to find the means to get off their Astrobase to gather some supplies. Chief Vong, the station’s newly-minted Chief Engineer, has been tinkering with one of the station’s hyperspace anchors. The arcane technology may hold the key to their survival, but a malfunction could leave them stranded for ever.

Here’s a short excerpt:

““That took just about every trick in the book.” Chief Einar Vong wiped his face with the greasy towel he kept tucked in his orange work coverall’s back pocket. The young Chief had aged visibly over the pat month. Strands of black hair had started streaking the roots of his silvery hair and faint crow’s feet tugged at the corners of his eyes. Of all of the astrobase’s crew, Vong had been under the most pressure. His learning curve had been immense. He had arrived on the station a junior rating, barely trained to pass a mop behind a maintenance drone.

The past few weeks had provided him an accelerated regime of on-thejob training. He had dealt with more issues than entire engineering departments would in their collective careers on a peacetime station. The oppressive weight of responsibility bore down heavily upon his narrow shoulders. He felt that it was his duty to address every technical issue that crept up, even while attacking the most demanding of the restoration priorities. More than anyone else on the astrobase, Einar Vong felt that the survival of every crew member was in hands.

Sanmar scrutinized the two half-meter long cylinders, encased in a smooth white polymer. A single orange button the size of a Perobian plumb cut in half crowned each of the devices. Its weight surprised him as he hoisted one of the apparatuses from the brushed steel workbench. The smell of fresh resin slightly burned the back of his sinuses.”

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