Astrobase Command 0.4.9 Closed Beta Patch Notes

Hi everybody!

Here we go! The last beta update before launch!

It’s been a while since the last one so we’ve made a bunch of smaller changes and a couple of new features. The most important one allows those who need to, or just prefer to, use a different key layout to customize their key bindings.

As we mentioned in the release announcement blog post we have disabled sales of the game until release.

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Astrobase Command 0.4.9 Closed Beta Patch Notes

New Features

  • Players can now customize keybindings in the Pause Menu during gameplay.
  • Characters on away missions can now write research papers about the alien civilizations they discover.


  • New planet and star icons and images in Astrofleet.
  • Trinkets, the default station, pets, and character stats now have descriptions.
  • Improved the side panel switching in Astrofleet.
  • The sector map of Astrofleet now shows constellation suffixes.
  • The constellation icons in Astrofleet have been toned down.
  • Stars should be less encroaching on text and borders in the sector map.
  • Ship balance has been tweaked.
  • The memory usage has been improved.
  • Setting the diversity slider to maximum in species creation now gives equal chances of appearance.
  • Custom uniforms now save properly.
  • A rare bug where papers ended up under the desk has been fixed.
  • Highlighting of characters should now stay on when selected while switching between spacesuit and uniform, and back.
  • Metallic surfaces on charcters should now up properly when “xray-mode” is turned on.
  • Conversation drones spawned on top of lights should no longer cast funny shadows.
  • Building a ship no longer triggers the dock notice.
  • Quantum encounters no longer block off planets.
  • Multiple ships should no longer be able to interact with the same planet at the same time.
  • The numbers on the Astrobase info tab in Astrofleet are now displaying correctly.
  • An rare crash when loading stations has been fixed.
  • Other fixes, tweaks, and balance improvements.

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