Astrobase Command 0.4.7 Closed Beta Patch Notes

Hi Everybody!

We’re happy to present, the fall beta update of Astrobase Command. It contains a few small feature additions and a metric ton of bugfixes and polish.

Get the update from Itch, as usual.

Feel free to drop by our discord server to chat about the game or if you have any questions or suggestions!

And stay tuned, we’re looking at some big news in not too long!

New Features

  • Added the Event Log, shows a running log of events happening in the game.
  • Added Action Icons, helps you at a glance see what type of activity a character is doing.
  • Added Desk Trinket Picking, you can now pick what trinket to have on the desk when creating your species.
  • Added Beacons, this allows you to warp ships to them.


  • Many Upgrades to Astro Fleet Missions.
  • Reworked Most Icons.
  • Randomize Button in Species Creation.
  • Deleting a Save now prompts for confirmation.
  • Double clicking on a character description now focuses the camera on the character.
  • Focus on Disasters, when a disaster happens on the station, the camera will move over to them to show you what is going on.
  • Omnitablet UIs now use colored highlighting behind select words to help with ease of access to information.
  • Species creation now starts with all points distributed.
  • The Hyperlane now has different ships shown depending on if you’re starting a new game or if you’re loading a saved game.
  • The Conversation UI is now using colored polaroids for the portraits.
  • The Conversation Drone is now more obviously signalling that it’s there and wants to be clicked.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Tweaks.
  • Improved Game Balance.

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