Astrobase Command 0.4.5 Closed Beta Patch Notes

Hey everybody!

This one also took a bit longer to get to you than the beta releases have in the past.
The reason is because we’ve added the ability to add sections and subsystems to already existing modules with available space.

This has big impacts on the game so we needed a bit more time to make sure everything was working well before subjecting you guys to it.

It’s now in a good initial state and should work well. But as always, if you run into any bugs with additive construction (or bugs with anything else for that matter) please drop by our discord server, get your backer access, and let us know about the bugs.

Astrobase Command 0.4.5 Closed Beta Patch Notes

–Can now build additions to existing modules.
–You can now land on habitable planets that don’t already have alien settlements or ruins.
–Can start a new game with a pet on the station.
–New music and audio.
–Task tracker tasks can be sorted again.
–Many bug fixes.

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