Astrobase Command 0.3.9 Closed Alpha Patch Notes


Alert Forms
— Added alert forms for starvation deaths and battery charge levels
— Alert forms now have descriptive titles
— Alert forms and other sheets now drop into the inbox

— GOTO mode on ships is now indicated with a specific goto-cursor
— Improved planet generation for better distribution
— Now showing potential resources on unscanned planets
— Increased resource yield from missions
— Mission notes are now colorized and formatted
— Lots of new content for Missions and numerous bugfixes

— New Datapad App added
— You can now find your way to our Discord Community from the COMLINK app.

— Clicking on “assignee:none” in Tasks datapad program now tells you the section required to assign someone
— Crew datapad program now shows characters psychological and social details
— Reactors and Power Plants are sorted in Build program by their level
— Moving the cursor across the datapad now changes the cursor to a datapad cursor Station
— Crew will now use the enlisted quarters for relaxation
— Crew no longer tilt in odd directions when talking to each other
— Resource holders with positive flow will no longer be full after construction

— Storage size has been increased, and more starting resources added
— Garden is much easier to build
— Battery life has been increased
— Crew will now die if stat totals are penalized down to zero
— Crew members are now smarter when looking for places to squat.


[…] We put out a new build last Tuesday. You can find more information on all the changes here. […]

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