Turkey Day Update!

We’ve been quiet for the past two weeks, but still very busy. We’ve had a momentous event as well, with a second tiny addition to the team in a few months. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving, so happy Canuck Turkey Day, eh?

Given Adam’s critical use of time taking care of his family, we haven’t had the opportunity to push a new build, but have no fear, they’re coming back soon!

Daniel – @Polygonatron

Hi Everybody!

These last couple of weeks I’ve been working primarily on getting some nifty new things into ABC. This includes some of animations that we’ve had waiting to be properly hooked up, some new effects to help communicate reactor failure states to the player, as well as making sure that Asteroid Shooter (a hobby project of mine) was ready to be hooked up to the datapad.

Dave – @Dave_Astrobase

Hey guys,

Recently my energies have been mostly focused on some marketing & related business efforts. On the production front, there has been lots of bugs and balance notes that I’ve been churning through and generating either tasks for Adam if it needs a code fix or for myself it can be done in data. Also moving along is categorizing animations to be plugged into the character personalities.

Adam – @adam_blahuta

Hey Space-Friends!

Last Wednesday, my son Liam was born at 8:10 in the morning. It’s only been a week and he’s already filled my heart with more joy than I can handle! He has also filled my days with more diaper-changing, feeding and sleep deprivation than any work schedule could handle. I made a few pitiful bleary-eyed attempts at coding, but got very little done. I know you long for those sweet sweet weekly builds, so let me dampen the pain with this :


Liam, future gamedev in the making?


Max – @Max_Shields


I’ve been working with Dave one the marketing front, editing video, and swearing and my impossibly slow internet connection. Oh, I’ve also continued my notice design work.

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