Weekly Dev Update – June 10th, 2016


Hey everybody!

I spent the better part of the week dealing with company admin tasks while coordinating a last-minute move out of my apartment. Looking forward to getting back on missions!


Greetings inhabitants of this parallel dimension!

I’ve been busy examining methods to assist us in community management and handling our social media presence. I’ve been giving the trial version of several services a spin to see whether they provide any insight or utility beyond that which is available through Twitter’s own analytics tool.

While some services we’ve tested have rated a solid “meh”, a few have caught our eye and have allowed us to easily tend to some much needed housekeeping on the our social media front.

The conundrum is that the truly useful services are a bit pricey for a small team such as our own, but even the smallest of Indie Devs has to consider how they will get word out about their highly desirable product.

So while we do not yet have a firm decision of which product to use, this testing is helping us understand some of the issues at play and their importance on our growing endeavour.


Hey guys, still working through the dictionary same as last week! Fallen into a good pace with it.


Hello humans, more work on sections for me this week.

An early WIP shot of a Shunt shunting away unabashedly.

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